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Delivering planet-positive projects – from concept to climate solution

A Healthier Earth

We are a climate-tech catalyst committed to finding the solutions that tackle the most urgent regional and global sustainability challenges.

With our technology agnostic approach, we bring together the idea, technology and investment to develop, deliver and operate climate solutions at scale.

Our team of engineers, researchers and practitioners are dedicated to the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

We develop investable business plans, and then deliver and operate planet-positive infrastructure that restores the world we live in and enable its people and societies to thrive.

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Action for impact

A Healthier Earth sums up our reason for being in just three words.

All of our projects and solutions are driven by the motivation to tackle climate change, enable biodiversity to flourish, and improve individual and societal wellbeing.

Our geo-specific approach enables us to develop the best solutions to meet regional and global environmental objectives. We build and operate our solutions at scale to deliver genuine impact for a healthier, more sustainable world.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Pure DC Group, and work together to decarbonise digital infrastructure with its sustainability leading data centres.

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