Who are we

We are a climate-tech catalyst. Our engineers, scientists, researchers and practitioners are delivering scaled solutions to the most urgent challenges facing our planet and its people.
Our Story

Harnessing today’s technology, we innovate and implement infrastructural solutions that will restore the world we live in, for a healthier earth.

To ensure we are making a positive and meaningful impact, we invest in analysis, research and testing of our ideas, designs and models before we decide which solutions to scale, and where.

All of our projects are underpinned by the latest scientific research, backed by our Scientific Advisory Council made up of experts from around the world.

Each member of the Council applies the latest relevant science to challenge and improve our projects, and provides insight and validation on how we can build planet-positive solutions for optimal impact and value.

How we work

Our multi-perspective teams have the knowledge and practical skills to innovate and implement end-to-end planet-positive projects that can scale now.

We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all, and take a region-by-region view to find the right solutions for local and global needs.

Throughout every project, we measure our actions against our Maximum Environmental Good (MEG) framework. This ensures we consider the impact of our actions on people, animals and nature at every stage. Learn more about our MEG framework

We operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Pure DC Group, and we are part of its work to decarbonise digital infrastructure.

Our values
At A Healthier Earth, everything we do is guided by our values. Together, they remind us of our humanity and the need to take CARE: for the planet, in our work, and for other people.

We understand that complex problems and large-scale solutions demand deep collaboration and diverse perspectives. We are stronger together and recognise that we can drive change faster when we join forces.


We believe in doing the right thing. We set high standards for ourselves and our work, and endeavour to act as a force for good. We are focused, passionate, and determined to make a difference.


We value scientific research, and the lived experience and professional expertise of others. We don’t deal in absolutes and believe open and nuanced debate will help us achieve the best outcomes for the planet, its people and their societies.


We are resilient and determined to keep going, even when it’s tough. We work towards success, but are unafraid to try and fail, understanding that this is part of learning. We are empowered by each other and motivated by our shared goals.

Together we can build a healthier earth

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