The urgent need for woodland recovery

Climate change is having a severe impact on forestry. A European seed shortage, changing soil conditions and low seedling survival rate mean we urgently need a fix for our forests.
The future of forestry

A Healthier Earth is currently working in partnership with Blenheim Palace Estate on a ForestFactory concept – an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to dealing with the shortage of tree stock and changes in soil conditions affecting successful plantation survival rates.

Together, we’re using micro-propagation, vertical farming and enhanced land preparation to significantly increase the effectiveness and speed of re-forestation projects.

Afforestation efforts are often held back by seedling scarcity and lack of diversity. Our ForestFactory aims to tackle these issues by using synthetic biology to deploy geo-specific and genetically diverse forests.

Our pilot project with Blenheim Palace Estate is working to plant 600,000 trees in three years.

If you have an idea, concept or technology that can help restore the world we live in, we can offer expertise and resources to help accelerate its impact. Please get in touch, we’d love to talk.