Invest in a better tomorrow

By investing in A Healthier Earth, you’ll be supporting profitable, science-led projects that directly address the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss. Together, we can create a positive impact for the planet and its people.
Real-world solutions, at scale

Investing in A Healthier Earth, or an AHE lead project, means harnessing today’s innovation to deliver geo-specific climate solutions that create optimal impact and value from a tech-agnostic platform.

We take a scale-based approach to creating end-to-end solutions that are underpinned by rigorous research, with our team of engineers, researchers and operations specialist backed by an internationally renowned Scientific Advisory Council.

A Healthier Earth is backed by Oaktree Capital Management to deliver planet-positive projects at speed and scale, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pure DC Global.

We are actively seeking new investors across a range of climate-tech solutions. Get in touch for more information.

You can help solve climate challenges

Our investors support profitable, science-led projects that make a difference to regional and global environmental objectives.

Together, we are accelerating planet-positive infrastructural solutions that will restore the world we live in, and enable its people and societies to thrive.

Our live projects include:

  • The creation of circular biochar to sequester carbon, produce a soil amendment, and deliver high-integrity carbon credits.
  • A de-desertification project in the UAE to promote agricultural productivity and improve food security.
  • A ForestFactory at Blenheim Palace – an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to dealing with the shortage of tree stock and change in soil conditions affecting seedling survival rates.

Find out more about our solutions

We are actively seeking the right investors to help us accelerate our projects. If you would like to learn more about supporting our work, please get in touch, we’d love to tell you more.