Alliances for good

We recognise it will take many people sharing ideas and knowledge, working together to achieve the change we desire. The more we talk the more we learn.
Our approach

We are passionate about working with partners, from individuals to environmental and wildlife groups, scientists, businesses, and NGO’s.

We know we are only considering some parts of the problem and there may be many things we are unaware of, especially when applying our knowledge to a specific location.

Crucially we want to hear from ecology and environmental specialists and groups, so we can understand if we have missed an opportunity for improvement.

We encourage contact and input, but we are a small team so we ask for your patience if we take a little while to get back, as we have active research programmes underway that we have to deliver. If you are interested in partnering with us, please do get in touch.

Catalyst for change

We want to be a catalyst for improvement and work with local communities to develop, establish and improve green industries and create pathways for people to deliver green innovation.

As we seek to deploy our solutions, we are committed to identifying ways in which we can engage with local communities to create social benefits, particularly focussing on social equality and wellbeing.